Asharqia Chamber organizes a lecture on the modern management of law firms

Dammam (Urgent)

Asharqia House Secretary-General Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Wabel said the House, represented by the Lawyers Committee, will deliver a lecture on Wednesday night (December 24, 2014) titled "Modern Management of the law firms "to discuss aspects of modern trends and technical methods for managing law firms and present the experiences of other countries, in the Chamber building. The president is at seven in the afternoon.

For his part, the head of the commission, Khalid bin Abdul Latif Al-Saleh, explained that the conference will be given by a specialist, and many topics and axes related to the management of law firms and legal consultations will be discussed.

In addition, the Chamber, represented by the Committee on the Environment, organizes an extended meeting for employees of the sector and interested parties at the Chamber's headquarters on Thursday (December 25, 2014), at ten o'clock in the morning, to discuss the most important challenges. Facing the sector, in addition to the achievements that have been made in it.

The Chamber summons the employees of the sector and those interested to attend the extended meeting and enrich it with interventions that benefit the attendees and contribute to developing the working mechanism in it.