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About Us

The Al Bawardi Law Firm offers its services to clients in accordance with the highest local and international standards and in accordance with our vision and core values in all fields.

Legal and consulting, whether at the level of individuals or companies and institutions or governmental and non-governmental organizations, the office has a group of lawyers and legal advisers with experience in the legal field in Arabic and English.

Legal Office Services

Law Firm

Direct Issue

Arabic and English, and processing of cases of all kinds (criminal, civil, commercial, financial, labor, personal status, maritime, air, international, etc).

Execution of judgments, collection of the liquidation of inheritances, liquidation of companies, and liquidation of their status.

 Scales of Justice

Government Services

Carrying out all procedures before the government agencies, including police departments, civil rights, the investigation authority and prosecution, all control and investigation bodies, and all administrative departments.


Legal Consultation & Study

Provide legal and legal advice in the criminal, civil, commercial, banking, financial, administrative, and labor-areas Personal status.

Work, studies, and research in all legal, regulatory, and human rights fields.

Judge's Table

Execution of Judgments & Debt Collection

Carry out the necessary procedures to implement the judicial decisions issued by judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, foreign decisions, internal and foreign arbitration decisions, and comply with the rights of consent and the judiciary.

If these procedures are within or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if it is necessary to seize the property of the executor against him or take preventive measures against him and prohibit him from traveling, collection of debts from clients with third parties within and outside the Kingdom from Saudi Arabia, satisfaction and judgment.

Law Consultation

Preparing and Drafting Contracts

Prepare and draft civil, commercial, and administrative contracts (international and procedural), review them, and negotiate with third parties their terms, requirements, and framework.

Solutions and proposals on legal problems that hinder its implementation.

Fountain Pen

Registration and Documentation

Registration of companies, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and intellectual property in both parts (industrial and literary), and includes the following.

Adopt the necessary procedures to establish companies and the procedures for their modification or conversion into closed or public limited companies according to the company system and according to the requirements of the Capital Market Authority.


Spreading and extend the legal culture, contributing to the achievement of justice, and providing legal services of the highest quality in a professional manner.

Stop and contribute to the development of legal work inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the publication of studies.

Our Vision


Our Partners

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Asharqia Chamber organizes a lecture on the modern management of law firms

The Secretary General of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Wabel, said that the Chamber, represented by the Lawyers Committee, will hold a lecture on Wednesday evening (December 24, 2014) entitled “Modern Management of Law Firms” to discuss aspects of modern trends and technical methods for managing law firms and presenting the experiences of other countries, in the Chamber’s building The president is at seven in the evening.

Do not speak in front of the investigator and the judge without a lawyer!

The presence of a lawyer with the accused is essential, particularly during the preliminary investigation procedures, trial procedures, and the pronouncement of the judgment. Whatever the charge is under consideration. Article 4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure states that: “Every accused person has the right to seek the assistance of a proxy or a lawyer to defend him during the investigation and trial stages.”

The “lawyers” of the Council of Saudi Chambers elect Al-Falaj as president, Al-Khuraisi and Al-Enezi as deputies

The National Committee of Lawyers in the Council of Saudi Chambers elected the lawyer Mr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Falaj as its Chairman, the lawyer Mr. Youssef bin Ahmed Al-Khuraisi and the lawyer Mr. Muhammad bin Damian Al-Anzi as Vice-Presidents for the new session of the National Committees of the Council of Saudi Chambers (1435 AH - 1438 AH) during a meeting recently held at the Council’s headquarters in the presence A number of jurists in the committee discussed a number of issues related to the legal sector in the Kingdom.


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